Tile & Coping

Transform your pool by installing new tile & coping. We offer a variety of tile patterns and coping stone styles to enhance your pool to meet your style and taste. Our professional installers will remove the existing tile & coping, prep the surface correctly and install your new tile and coping.

Tiles choices range from 2"x 2", 3"x 3", 6"x 6" or Pattern

Coping Stone Choices range from Precast, Brick Bullnose, Brick Safety Grip, Cantilever or Flagstone

Interior Pool Surfaces

Plaster, Quartz and Pebble are what we offer to our clients. Our surfacing professionals know exactly how to prep and bond coat the existing surface as well as apply your new interior surface to bring your pool to life.


The most common and least expensive surface is white plaster. Dye can be added to the mixture to provide a gray or black surface.


There are two reasons why Quartz surfaces are becoming more common. First, quartz surfaces provide a wide variety of color choices. Second, by adding the quartz material to the plaster mix you have a more stain-resistant, more durable and longer-lasting surface than plaster.


Pebble surfaces are the most stain resistant and most durable surface. There are many different colors available. The Pebble surface is designed to give your pool the look of a clear flowing stream.

Painted Pools

Believe it or not there are still some pools out there with a painted surface. We have many years of experience repainting pools with an epoxy paint that last for many years. Our epoxy paints will give your pool a hard shell that last. Remember this is an epoxy that is much stronger than regular rubber base paint.

Spa Dam Wall

This is a problematic area for pool owners. Many years of repairing spa dam walls have led us to the best possible solution. Granite caps in place of the tile. We measure each side of the wall for a custom cut granite cap. Please view our photo gallery and testimonial page.

Vinyl Liner Replacement & Renovations

Need a new liner? You may choose from a wide variety of liner patterns. If a complete renovation is what you need, let us help. There are multiple ways to renovate your liner pool. We can remove your existing concrete deck and install new stamped or textured concrete to bring a fresh look to the pool. At that same time you can change the perimeter coping to pavers, cantilever or stone. Liner pools can have a custom look to them. Bring your visions to life.

Pool Deck Coatings or Replacement

We have the ability to give you multiple options for changing your pool deck. If replacement is what you desire, choose from stamped, colored or textured concrete. Maybe you desire pavers or flagstone we can provide that as well.

Is your deck in great shape but the color is worn out? Install a new concrete coating that will liven up your pool and back yard. The possibilities are endless. Add a stamped or textured concrete look. Maybe choose a flagstone or cobblestone coating. Finally, check out the River Rock Coating . You have to see it to appreciate it. Whatever your deck needs are we will help bring your ideas to life.

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